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Today kicks off week two of our Holiday Style Link-Up and the theme that many of us will be featuring is Formal or Semi-Formal holiday attire. I have reviewed several Express party or holiday dresses recently, and today I want to put them all in one easy-reference post, plus add a few new try-ons and reviews.

I'll start with the the set at the top of the page. Carylee's dress is on the left and you an find her complete outfit details on her blog. On the right side of the image is the Jeweled Neckline Column Dress, and here a breakdown of the other pieces:

Express Jeweled Neckline Dress Set, cubic zirconia square stud earrings, suede studded pointed toe runway pump, rhinestone bangles, metallic tweed hard case clutch
Jeweled Neckline Column Dress, Cubic Zirconia Square Stud Earrings, Suede Studded Pointed Toe Runway PumpsRhinestone BanglesMetallic Tweed Hard Case Clutch

I tried on this dress with the exact shoes shown above, and here are the front & back views:

Express jeweled neckline column dress, suede studded pointed toe runway pumps

This dress is the epitome of the LBD to me. It's classy and sophisticated (and let's be real...those are not always words associated with party dresses from Express). It was also extremely comfortable! The fabric had plenty of stretch and felt silky, soft and smooth. It ran true-to-size for me, and for reference (I'm told size specifics are helpful to people so I'm going with that) I'm wearing a 0 in this dress. That's the size I usually start with in try-ons, then go up or down from there. The length on this was nice because it's not too short, so it works for more conservative office parties. And I think this could get plenty of use for a variety of occasions beyond the holidays, so it definitely gets the Daily Seal of ApprovalTM™™. (I just made that up. It's not really Trademarked...don't sue me.)

The shoes are worth mentioning here as well. Although I didn't do any walking around in them, I liked the way they felt in store (i.e. reasonably comfortable for a pointy-toe 4 inch stiletto heel), and I'd be willing to purchase them if I needed a nice black pump like that. And I'm finding myself looking for a reason to need a pair of shoes like that since trying them on!

Next up is the Strapless Snakeskin Print Fit & Flare Dress.

Express strapless snakeskin print fit and flare dress, runway peep toe cut out booties

I forgot to take a photo of the back of this dress, but it's a basic strapless dress that looks pretty much the same in the back as in the front. I am also wearing a size 0 in this dress and the fit was perfect. The fabric is thick and also has a really pretty, subtle sparkle to it in person. The print on this makes it a little more fun and flirty than the basic LBD, and overall I didn't have any complaints or surprises with this one.

I tried it on with the Open Toe Side Cut-Out Booties and while I loved how they looked, I wouldn't give them the Daily Seal of ApprovalTM. The back zippers on the booties were very hard to work with, and that was a deal breaker for me. That said, they have two five-star reviews online, so it's possible the pair I had was a dud.

The Sequined Fit & Flare Dress was another winner for me. It was true-to-size, easy to get into and out of, and fun to wear in general with the sequins and full skirt. It has four reviews online, and three of them are very positive. The fourth reviewer gave it one star and had this to say: "The picture on here is false and misleading, the dress has very minimal sequince [sic], the material is cheap and ugly, it does not shine like the picture, the faux belt is practically under your boobs, worst overpriced piece I have ever bought..."

Obviously she was not a fan of this dress! But his is my real-life photo of the dress, and this is not what I would call "minimal sequince [sic]." I guess I have a different opinion than that reviewer about how many sequins you can fit per square inch in a dress.

Express sequined fit and flare dress review

I do notice that in the real-life vs. model photo, the skirt doesn't shine like it does on the model in the photo and maybe doesn't have as many sequins. So giving the reviewer the benefit of the doubt, that may be her issue.

Express sequined fit and flare dress, review

This Sleeveless Textured Front Zipper Dress is one that we've seen courtesy of Express on a couple of blogs recently. And now that I have you thinking I love every dress I try on...this is where it starts to get a little tricky for me. Here's the front and back view:

Express sleeveless textured front zipper dress, review

I'm wearing this in a size 0, and it was not at all easy to get into even though it has a front zipper and a side zipper. The fabric doesn't have any stretch so it was a really, really snug fit through the chest and back. There's only one review for this dress online so far, and the reviewer suggested sizing up, which is probably smart. I think this is one where you need to try it in person first or if you're buying online, order two sizes and plan to return one of them.  It also has hidden pockets in the pleats, which is a feature I always like.

Last up in the new-reviews is the Plunging V Neck Metallic Lace Dress. This is currently marked low stuck, but since it's new this season I think it's likely that it will be re-stocked, hopefully in time for New Year's Eve.

Express plunging v neck metallic lace dress, review

This is what I call a hairwrecker dress. Put it on before you style your hair for the evening, otherwise it will wreck whatever hairstyle you had going on. I am wearing a size 0 in this and it was a pretty good fit but a little snug under the arms. It has no stretch at all, so it is a little harder to move in than some of the others. And some reviewers mentioned the fabric is scratchy, which I also think is true, but it wasn't unbearable for me and it wouldn't stop me from getting the dress because I'm willing to put up with a little discomfort for a great dress (or shoes).

The last three reviews are taken from previous posts, so if you're a regular reader they may look familiar. If you're new, here's my take on a few more holiday dress options

Embroidered Lace Shift Dress:

Express embroidered lace shift dress

In the cream version of the dress I tried on a size Small (because they didn't have an XS) and I tried an XS in the black dress, which I would normally wear in Express dresses. You'll notice there's quite a bit of difference in fit as well as length between the two sizes.

Update: This is also out of stock online currently, but check your local store for availability or check website for inventory updates.

Details of black dress:

Express embroidered lace shift dress

Lace Open Back Sheath Dress

Express open back lace sheath dress

I spotted this Lace Open Back Sheath Dress in store as well and thought I should try it on for comparison of website vs. real life. It's pretty short on the model, but I'm guessing she's at least 5'10". On someone 5'4" like myself, it wasn't quite so short, especially in the front. It looks a little shorter in the back (granted my arms are not down in the second photo), but still not as short as it is on the model. I tried this on in an XS and it was a noticeably more roomy fit in the hips and thighs than the Black Embroidered Lace Dress above.

The Metallic Jacquard Fit & Flare Dress looks really nice in the stock photo, and you can see a somewhat metallic sheen to it. But it's even better in person and has a magical, glittery quality to it that I tried to capture here:

Express metallic jacquard fit and flare dress, review

Here's a full picture, and for me it ran true-to-size. I also felt like the flare factor was more dramatic in person than in the stock photo. If you want a beautiful, flattering holiday party dress that's not just another LBD, this one is worth seeing in person.
Express metallic jacquard fit and flare dress, review

Congrats on making it to the end of my dress reviews! If you've been eyeing any of these dresses I hope you found some helpful info here. And we'd love to have you join our Holiday Style Link-up, so read on for details!

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  1. Great choices - I'm seriously dying for that cream lace dress - it's SO me! Hope I find it on super-sale in the store at some point ;-)

    1. It is definitely you! It reminds me a little of the cream lace top you wore from Zara in one of your looks this week!

  2. Lace is a great material for a party dress....& your picks are so chic!


  3. Love the embroidered lace sheath dress on you. I have the top version and love it. Thanks for hosting. Have a great week.

  4. Express is always my favorite place to go when looking for a party dress! They have such great options! Love all the lace long sleeve ones you showed :)

    1. I agree, Darcy. It seems like they have even more than usual this year. The one you're wearing today reminds me a little of the sequin one I tried on. :)

  5. This is my favorite from the series because I love holiday glam! It's the best time of year for it :) I love all of the looks you tried on, but the first LBD is my personal favorite. You have an amazing figure!

    1. Thank you Noelle. And I can definitely see that dress as a favorite for your elegant, classic style!

  6. gorgeous dresses, perfect for the holiday parties!!
    love this!
    xx Vera & Rony

    1. Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Glad you enjoyed the dresses. :)

  7. With all these looks you are ready for the holidays.

    Hope you had a great weekend!


    1. Thanks Sofia- I loved your red & green look today as well!

  8. I especially like the third dress :)
    It is really amazing


    1. Thanks Tom! It's definitely a fun dress with the sequins & full skirt.

  9. Loved all the party dress options, and they all look great on you!

    1. Thank you so much ladies. I really enjoyed both of your looks today, as well! Glad to have you in the link up!

  10. You look amazing in all of these options! So hard to choose which one I like the best, they're all gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Erica! Hope you don't get snowed in again so we can see you in the link up next week! :)

  11. I LOL'd at the "let's be real" comment about their dresses not always being classy or sophisticated!! Oh I heart you! Please tell me you got the sequin dress because it fits you beautifully! As do both of the black lace ones! And "hairwrecker" <-- I'm totally using that. I didn't see a trademark :)
    Great week 2 post, lady!!

    1. Ha, next time it will be trademarked! But I'll give you permission to use it. :)

  12. Great post. I love the Jeweled Neckline Column Dress and that one fits perfect on you. My store doesn't carry it. BOO!

  13. wow i didnt realize Express had such great options! love!

    love from San Francisco,

    1. I'm glad you liked the options shown and thanks for stopping by ladies. :)

  14. Love these dresses, especially the first!


    1. Thank you Christina! Glad you saw one you liked. :)

  15. You look incredible in all of the dresses! I bought the jeweled neck one and it is lovely but I had to return bc the sizing was too big. I'm so bummed the plunging v is out of stock! That was on my wish list. Hoping it comes back soon. Any suggestions on a sparkly express top for a casual party?

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    please check the reviews of online site before shopping online. You can use us by checking dress venus reviews.


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